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Updated May 8th, 2024 from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Now Making

I'm working on a puzzle game about clearing towers of ice, floor-by-floor, step-by-step with Chapin Boyer.

Now Playing

I've continued playing Baldur's Gate 3 with a group of friends and we are quite possibly the most chaotic party the Forgotten Realms has ever seen. It's a lot of fun causing mayhem with your best buds.

I've also been playing a slew of puzzle games for research and reference - Patrick's Parabox, Cocoon, Void Stranger, English Country Tune, 20 Small Mazes, Handshakes, grey matter has been massaged, chewed up and spit out renewed by the variety of systems and mechanics it has encountered.

Now Reading

I just finished reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig. It was, as philosophy books tend to go, a much slower read for me than usual but my copy is filled with copious footnotes which I think is a sign of how engaging the material was to me. Pirsig's writing style feels like talking to an old friend and the way he has woven his philosophical arguments to match with the emotional beats during his journey across the American Northwest is truly skillful.

Coming from a mixed educational background myself, Mechanical Engineering (technical) and Game Design (artistic), I felt Pirsig's philosophy of Quality was wonderfully articulated but not novel to me. His discussion on craft particularly resonated with me and my biggest personal takeaway is this one piece of marginalia - "Craft is caring".

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